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Welcome to the first Laptopcat Corp post about Java tips and information.

Java is a programming language created in 1995 and was designed to run on all Java supported platforms.  Java is a object-oriented and class based.  A future post will explain what that means in detail.

It’s typical to write a “Hello Word” program as the first program when learning a new language.  We at Laptopcat Corp think it should be changed to “Hello Universe!”.


Java is easy to install on your Mac, and a download can be found at  The latest version is 10.0.1.

Click on JDK Download.

You will see this screen. Select the option for the appropriate operating system and click on Accept License Agreement.

The Java SDK will begin to download.  It can take over an hour to download the software.

After it finishes, double click the jdk .dmg in your downloads.  The installation will begin.


First, it will tell you how much space the software will consume on your computer.  If you wish to continue, click Install.

It will keep you informed of the progress.

After the installation has finished, you’ll see a message telling you that the installation was successful.

After the installation, it will ask you if you want to move the JDK .DMG to the trash.  Select either Keep or Move To Trash.


Java Part 2 will discuss how to run Java on your Mac.

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