Farewell, Birdseed.

Last summer, I bonded from afar with a deer that lived on my property. I nicknamed her “Birdseed” because of her love of raiding my neighbor’s bird feeder. My neighbor filled her bird feeder every night and each day before dusk, I’d see the deer nudge the bird feeder with her nose so it would swing and when the seed would empty out on the downswing, Birdseed would be ready with her mouth open to eat it. She would joyfully chomp on the seed and wiggle her tail. Occasionally we would lock eyes for a few seconds and it was clear to me that she loved her new stash of food. There would be birds waiting on the power lines to swoop down and eat the leftovers. My neighbor thought the squirrels were getting it until I showed her the video of Birdseed eating it. Although though it was cute, she stopped filling it because it became so expensive to continue it. Birdseed also enjoyed eating bugs off my neighbor’s bumper.

Sadly, I think Birdseed was a deer that was hit and killed by a car this week in front of my house. I’ll never know for sure it was her but I believe it was and I’ll miss her.

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